Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

Today’s Lesson

Today I realized something – or remembered it.

There is an upside to everything.  While preparing dinner today I reached up to put away the box with the rice.  As I did so I knocked the one next to it and yes, you’ve guessed it all the boxes came tumbling down.  Just like a pack of dominoes.  The box holding the pasta flew open and I was faced with about 1kg of pasta over the bench and the floor, even some onto the cook top where dinner was simmering.

Boxes in Larder

Boxes returned to larder

A few choice words in my head, a visitation from my sleepy little companion and then I started to laugh.  It was easy to sweep up the pasta but what if it had been flour or sugar?  Imagine the mess then.

So the upside is the floor has been swept today, it was easily cleared up and my little dog had great fun walking through the spilled pasta. Perhaps spilling the pasta should be added to my Gratitude List.

As they say – It’s no good crying over spilled milk (or pasta).

So until tomorrow