What I am reading

I recently moved from a three bedroom plus study and two bathroom home of 2500 square feet – far too large for a woman on her own – to an old (1914) cottage with only two bedrooms and one bathroom.  It’s 1,000 square feet if stretched from end to end.  As you can imagine much had to be shed and many of the books I have collected over the years also went to the Lions and Rotary Clubs to raise some funds.  I kept only the treasured books that I couldn’t bear to let go.

Library books

Library books

Because of the lack of space, I decided that I could no more just purchase books and that I would investigate the library.  What a treasure world that is.  And now at least once a week I take myself off to the library for an hour or so of browsing around and noting those authors of whom I never heard.

In this way I found the following three books.

I have a talented sister who is a quilter. I sorry to say, can barely thread a needle and where would I get the patience to be a quilter? So when I was browsing in the library recently I came across a series of books written by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Knowing absolutely nothing about quilting I have found this  a fascinating novel, centered around quilting, family, friendship and sisterhood.

Thank you Christine for making me aware that quilting is still practiced.

Having looked at the website I see that Jennifer has written seventeen Elm Creek books and my admiration for this prolific writer is unbounded.

I recently discovered two Australian writers –Bronwyn Parry and Susan Duncan.  Bronwyn writes about life in a small town many miles from any large town and her novels are filled with fascinating insights into the hinterland of Australia.  Here there are few people and fewer amenities but the characters are rich and enthralling.  A third book is due out shortly but Bronwyn is recovering from neurosurgery so maybe the publishing date will be pushed out from April.

The other writer is Susan Duncan.  Her books are set in Pittwater a small settlement on the northern beaches of  Sydney in New South Wales,  A short distance from Sydney but a different world.  Susan relates her story moving from a 25 year career in journalism and magazine editorship to settling in this lovely area.  Have a look at Sheila Smart’s images to see just what a special place this is.

And I have always been a follower of Jeffery Deaver.  I particularly like the Lincoln Rhyme stories and have recently discovered his other protagonist, Kathryn Dance.  I look for his new titles now in the library rather than in the bookshop.

Apart from the novels I am reading ‘1421 – The Year  China Discovered the World’  by Gavin Menzies. This is a tome and it certainly is making my brain work.  I now see that there is another book by this author called 1434 that tells of the fleet leaving China for Italy.  Have a look at the website for a wealth of really interesting things to learn about.

The other book is ‘Secrets in the Fields’ by Freddy Silva. This is an investigation into crop circles, where they appear and how they came to be.  It’s fascinating but another book that one just can’t sit and read.  I find myself turning back regularly to check something that he has said.

Crop Circles

Photo - Freddy Silva

So in the spirit of use it or lose it, I am exercising my mind with some ‘heavy’ books liberally sprinkled with novels and other books.

See you tomorrow.

3 responses to “What I am reading

  1. Interesting selection of books you’ve got going. I’ve not read any of them. I suspect our tastes are diverse. But, one never knows what one might discover on another reader’s best books list. Grins.


  2. Oh how I love the one on crop circles. I have to add it to my to read list. I am on goodreads.com and you may like it as well. It keeps track of all the books you read. I am so far behind on reading my books, need to get on that one. I am glad the holidays are over and start my new years organizing and resolutions.


    • Hi Jackie – yes I am on Goodreads too. I really like it but I have been very dilatory lately – you will see that the list here is 3 years old and I really must update it. No 1 on omy To Do List for 2014. Thanks for the comment.


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