Choose your friends

One way of staying young is to associate with those people who are younger than you.

I have told you that my chronological age is 72 but I do not know what my biological age is.  If you haven’t read my blog on this I suggest you do so now.  See Chronological vs Biological.  I make a point of associating with those who are younger than me, as well of course, with my peers.  My closest friend is 10 years younger and I have a couple of friends who are 20 years younger.

The topics of conversation with my two much younger friends are totally different to those of my peers.  While with my peers I discuss politics, the state of the world and of course, what we are all doing; my young friends tell me about the latest dance craze, fashions and what their children are doing.  My grandsons also tell me what their generation is talking about.

When with my younger friends I try to keep an open mind.  It is easy to be judgmental because their values and expectations are so very different from mine.  But I love spending time with them.  They and their friends are mostly bright young career oriented people, who are taking on the world on their terms.  Not for them the strictures that were in place when I was young.

So embrace and keep all your friends close.  And listen to the younger generation.  You may be surprised what they can teach you and the worlds they will open for you.

And remember – if you get the choice to sit it our or dance; I hope you dance.

Until tomorrow.


2 responses to “Choose your friends

  1. Wow, the more posts I read of yours the more I am enjoying your thoughts! I have been wondering about this very topic. My friends’ ages range from 20+ years older to 13 years younger. I am involved more with my younger friends because they all have kids the same ages as I do, so we have that in common. I have been wondering about the 13 yr younger friend. I love her and am amazed by her wisdom at her very young age, her babies are the same age as mine. And have been wondering if our relationship is worth working on, could I possibly be friends with someone that was born in 1983 and what do I have to offer her? You have convinced me that I should keep developing it. Thank you!

  2. Friendships do need working on all the time and if you have a younger friend that is a blessing. Spend time with her and really get to know her. You say you love her, then cherish her and her friendship.
    Thanks for the comment

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